Setting goals is an important exercise that gives you a long-term outlook as well as motivation in the short term. Creating your 2022 goals now can help you organize and prioritize your time and resources for the new year. Here are some ways to help set achievable goals this year.

Set Meaningful Goals

You’re more likely to achieve a goal if you make it something that has meaning for you. Your resolution may be to have better fitness, but that is fairly vague and, let’s face it, a goal we set and reset nearly every year. Yes, good fitness can be meaningful to us but it’s difficult to define. What do you really want to be able to say you did next year that you couldn’t say right now?

Measure Up

Create a more achievable goal by making sure it’s measurable. Instead of wanting to be stronger, set a goal like ‘be able to lift 5 more pounds every month’ or instead of saying  you want to read more, set your goal ‘to read 15 pages of a book each week.’ By the end of the year you’ll be lifting 60lbs or reading over 700 pages. Creating these incremental steps for your overall goal is more realistic and more likely for you to attain.

Diversify Your Goals

Don’t focus on one aspect of your life, like physical health. You probably don’t want to put blinders on and only improve in a single area. Try to set goals in many different aspects of your life, for example professionally, in your relationships, or perhaps your finances. We suggest you set little steps for each one every month, rather than tackle them one by one.

Write It Down

Finally, you should write down all of your goals and steps to achieving them and put them in places where you’ll see them frequently. Every step you achieve should be marked off your list and celebrated so you can feel all the enjoyment of getting that much closer to your main goal.

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